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What is a Builders Clean?

A builders clean entails cleaning all debris, dust, plaster deposits, removing all protective wear and general clean nearing the end of construction works.

Building projects generate a massive amount of dust, rubbish, and other debris until they are
completed, which is typical of the construction industry. Dirt and dust will always find their way into
even the most unlikely spaces, no matter how big or small the project is, or how meticulous and
organised the builders are.

As a result, a thorough and professional builders clean or sparkle clean is required to ensure that all
construction and labour projects are completed in a presentable manner. Here at SC Cleaning, all our
staff receive all necessary training, are well experienced using products and machinery and have a
keen eye for attention to detail.

What is a Sparkle Clean?

A ‘sparkle clean’ is the very last thing to be completed on the project. All final snags have been taken
care of, mastic done, carpets installed along with final finishing touches, We will then come along,
and as the name suggests, make your project sparkle. Everything is given its final clean, buffed,
polished, vacuumed thoroughly and our complimentary finishing touches put in place ready to wow
your customer.

We understand the importance of the cleaning aspect to the project and we couldn’t think of a
better way to complement your work than to make it sparkle.
Are you struggling to figure out what service you need? Developers typically appoint for both a
builders clean and a sparkle clean while construction companies / home owners tend to appoint us
for either a sparkle clean or something in-between.

Get in touch to discuss with us further so we can tailor our builders cleaning service to meet your

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