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Our Services

At SC Cleaning, we’re dedicated to transforming spaces with our meticulous cleaning services across
Hertfordshire and North London.

In the dynamic world of business, our Commercial Cleaning services adapt to various environments, from offices to stadiums, all while upholding unrivalled standards and ensuring seamless service

Our Builders Cleans sweep through the aftermath of construction, ensuring every inch is dust-free
and primed to impress. The Sparkle Clean is our crowning touch, polishing your project to perfection.
Navigating through a tenancy? Our End of Tenancy Cleans offer a comprehensive overhaul for tenants and landlords alike, securing deposits and readying properties for their next chapter.

For those high-traffic Communal Areas, we deliver thorough sanitisation and cleaning, no matter the size, ensuring these shared spaces shine.

And let’s not forget the foundations of any room – our Carpet Cleaning service delves deep into the
fibres, lifting dirt and revitalising your carpets with our advanced cleaning techniques.

We’re here to tailor our services to your unique needs. Connect with us, and let’s create a space
that’s as inviting as it is immaculate.

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Stephanie – 07739546041

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